Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hi there Library Friends-

It's Katie here, the new library volunteer most recently from Madison, WI.  I'm actually in Busia because my husband Miles is working for IPA.  While I'm here I have the freedom to spend part of my time manning the desk at the library, teaching the computer class to the Mamas, and scheming up other things to do in the library.  I'm also working part-time for IPA.

Last week Esther and I painted the children's side yellow!  We tore down the posters, scrubbed down the walls (Esther) and then I used my summer-in-college-spent-painting skills to rejuvinate the walls on that side.  It turned out beautifully, and then we hired an artistic fundi (handyman) to come in and paint images of animals on the wall as well.  We are thrilled with the results.  Now, of course, Esther and I have our sights set on doing something to the adult side as well, we shall see!

Tomorrow will be another computer class with the Mamas.  They are such eager learners, even coming in extra mornings just to practice typing skills.  We're trying to determine which computer skills are most useful and practical for them to aim to acquire.  This is a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Library Makeover and the computer class!


Rose and Scholastica diligently practice typing

 Maria and the rabbit consult about his choice in books

Esther having a teaching moment with the rabbit

 Standing in front of their favorite animals

Fish and Lizard!

Esther and me with the kids: "Welcome children!  Karibu Watoto!"

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