Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye Bye Busia

Hey everyone!

Today is my last day working at the library here in Busia, so I thought I'd share some of my final observations and reflections with you.

I hope you have enjoyed the Daily Visitors posts, I had a lot of fun making them. The readers were excited to tell me more about what they thought about the library and had no problem being photographed! This past Monday, Katie and I conducted the last computer class I attended, which Katie will continue with after I leave. The mothers have been making great progress, all arriving on time and being very dedicated students. The mamas have also become much more engaged during our meetings, being more open about what they know and what they still want to learn. I remember most of the mamas did not speak the first time I met them back in July, and now they cannot stop asking me questions and laughing at some of my weird “Dutch” ways.

During our transition meeting this past Tuesday, Maria and Esther expressed their excitement about the computer classes and they hope this will link the mamas to the library even more. They both appreciated my efforts here over the past 3 months and insisted I come back soon! Yesterday, Maria, Esther, Jimmy, Mary and I took a trip to Kisumu and enjoyed some beers and fish by Lake Victoria, as a final kwaheri (goodbye) to me.

It has been great interning for Maria's Libraries, and I really appreciate the opportunity Ariel and Eva have given me. It has been a great learning experience both professionally and personally and I would recommend it to every newly graduated BA student out there! I definitely intend on coming back when the new library is constructed :).

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogpost, and that you will keep supporting Maria's Libraries in the future!


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