Friday, November 25, 2011

Vincent Ouma: Crazy Society

Vincent pointed to this painting when I asked him which his favorite of his paintings was. It depicts an old man sitting under a tree. On the ground next to where he is sitting is a "weaver bird" coming out of his nest. Weaver birds build amazing nest. As can be surmised from the bird's name, they are intricately woven, like a basket. When one typically thinks of nests, one thinks of something like an indented pillow made of sticks and other natural substances. However, what weaver birds build is much more spherical, with a small opening at the front. They typically hang from trees, and some trees have 15-20 of these nests. In this painting, in the place of the weaver bird nests are typical Kenyan huts. Crazy society, the world turned upside down.

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